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Apartment hunting is the pits

on January 30, 2012

Oh man, apartment hunting is a new experience for me.  It’s actually, really annoying and really fun at the same time, you never know what you will find.

This weekend, my sis and I went to see one, and aside from the fact that it was WAY out in the middle of nowhere and was surrounded by a gangster-like neighborhood… Uh… OK, it was pretty bad.  I mean, gray buildings with red doors? Weird.

So, the search is still on! But, I’m not giving up and I look forward to finding my way. It’s kinda fun and stressful. Just this morning I felt sick again and nearly didn’t eat, my sister says if I don’t take it easy, I’m going to kill myself.

Other fun news, my mother is trying to get us to go to an 8K room and board college in Ohio… Sorry Mom, you lost the right to tell me what to do when I turned 21. I’m not going to be in-debt the rest of my life, thanks.

Anyone else having these issues?


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