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Leaving for a much needed vacation

on March 16, 2011

Well, I was planning on a  vacation, and I’m so happy its to go see my middle sister! I haven’t seen her in a year and there really is nothing else I’d rather do thank go see her. Because, she is awesome.

But while I’m away, I won’t be working on Dumb College Moments, or any stories. And I will be pushing away internet except to show my sister the amazing guy I think is cool. Otherwise, you won’t see me or hear from me. Which, I’m perfectly happy with. AHAH! I haven’t had a real vacation since I was 15. It’ll be great.

Now, while I’m away, please feel free to ask me questions and stuff. I may or may not answer them.  And continue to look forward to DCM!!

I’m so excited and nervous at the same time!!!


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